Why do you live in our Wildlife Garden?

IMG_01022G have been exploring this question – Why do you live in our Wildlife Garden? We have been thinking about why the plants in our wildlife garden are able to grow there. We have put in place a grid that we fill in everyday that measures rainfall from the last 24hours and we take a temperature reading of the air and ground. We will do this for a week and then present our findings. Watch this space!

Feeding the hungry birds!

Today we went to feed the birds in the Wildlife Garden. We were a little concerned that the temperature had dropped and they will be finding it increasingly hard to find food. We gave them fat ball, peanuts and mixed seed. We hope they like them and eat it all up as we have plenty to give them.


28.06.13 The pond had a long drink!

20130628-194104.jpgToday we had a visit from our Fire Fighter friends – RED watch from Worksop Fire Station. They are always here to lend a hand and today they helped us look after our Wildlife Area. Our pond was in much need of a drink, so they helped us to fill it as we don’t have a hose pipe long enough to reach it. We are very grateful for their help and so will all the creatures that live in the pond and rely upon it to help them live. THANK YOU RED WATCH!!